Imanol Fotia

Software Engineer & Graphics Programmer

Live Demos

Here you will find live coded GLSL shaders that I like to write in my spare time. All demos are powered by Shadertoy.


This demo uses signed distance fields with raymarching to render the metaballs, it also implements Cook-Torrance specular model and reflections/refractions.

Multibounce Reflections

Cook-Torrance + Oren-Nayar

This one also uses signed distance fields and is implementing Oren-Nayar for the diffuse light contribution along with Cook-Torrance for the specular component.

Procedural Fire

Procedural fire using Fractal brownian Motion and raymarching. Plus a LCD postprocess effect.

Mandelbrot Fractal

Plain and simple Mandelbrot set rendering.

Wasted land

An infinite wasted land, once again, raymarching primitives looking good!